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Can an Aermotor windmill create electricity?

No, Aermotor windmills are used for pumping water and Pond Aeration.

Can I use this type of windmill to charge batteries?

No, the Aermotor windmill is a mechanical water pump windmill.

What are these windmills used for?

Aermotor windmills offer a practical and sustainable solution for pumping water, keeping ponds healthy, and adding a touch of classic charm to your Farm and Ranch.

Do I have to pump water with my windmill?

No, the majority of windmills are not hooked up to pump water but are simply for aesthetics.

Do you purchase old windmills?

Yes, we do buy used windmills. Please send Pictures to sales@greatplainswindmills.com and we will send you an offer.

Do you offer replacement parts for my windmill?

We offer new and used windmill parts to fix a wide variety of problems. Contact us for help determining what you need.

How far do you travel to service windmills?

We offer our services to the Midwest.

Aermotor Windmills

An Aermotor Windmill is a type of wind pump specifically designed to pump water. It uses the power of the wind to turn a series of blades, which are connected to a gear system that drives a pump rod down into a well. As the blades rotate, the pump rod is raised and lowered, drawing water up from the well and into a storage tank or trough.

Here are some key points about Aermotor Windmills:

They are a sustainable and reliable source of water

Aermotor windmills use wind power, a free and renewable resource, to pump water. This makes them a sustainable and cost-effective option for people in areas with limited access to electricity or grid power.

They are well-suited for remote locations

Because they are self-powered, Aermotor windmills can be used in remote locations where other sources of power are not available. This makes them a valuable tool for ranchers, farmers, and homesteaders who live off the grid.

They are durable and long-lasting

Aermotor windmills are known for their durability and can last for many years with proper maintenance. The company, Aermotor Windmill Company, is one of the only windmill manufacturers in the USA and has been continuously manufacturing windmills since 1888.

They are an icon of the West

Since 1888 Aermotors has been an icon of the American Farm and Ranch. Many people want a windmill just to add a touch of the west to their farm.

Overall, Aermotor Windmills are a versatile and practical tool that can be used to provide water for a variety of purposes in remote or off-grid locations.


While Aermotor Windmills excel at pumping water, Pond Aeration or just as a way to remember Grandpas Windmill, here are some things they are NOT typically used for:

Generating electricity

Although Aermotor windmills can harness the power of wind, Aermotor windmills are specifically designed for water pumping and don’t generate electricity like wind turbines.

Heating or cooling buildings

Aermotor windmills primarily focus on water and Aeration and don’t have the capabilities to directly heat or cool buildings.

Modern high-volume water needs

While effective for rural or off-grid situations, Aermotor windmills may not be suitable for large-scale, high-volume water requirements often met by industrial pumps. (1,000 gallons an hour+)

It’s important to remember that Aermotor Windmills have a specific purpose, and while they excel in that area, they don’t fulfill the functions of other wind-powered technologies or Wind Generators.

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