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We’re proud to offer our services to the lower 48 states.

In Pennsylvania, a state celebrated for its historical significance, diverse landscapes, and commitment to sustainable energy, Great Plains Windmill Service is proud to offer exceptional windmill services.

As authorized dealers for Aermotor Windmills, we uphold our steadfast commitment to quality and precision. Each windmill we install, service, or repair stands as more than just a renewable energy solution — it symbolizes Pennsylvania’s progressive spirit and dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Our windmills enhance the aesthetic charm of your property, contributing to Pennsylvania’s picturesque landscapes, ranging from the Pocono Mountains to the vibrant cityscapes. They represent the synergy of our shared agricultural past and a collective ambition for a sustainable future.

At Great Plains Windmill Service, we take pride in our professionalism, deep-seated expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Every project we undertake is treated with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality that goes beyond expectations.

Whether you’re located in the bustling streets of Philadelphia, the historic town of Gettysburg, or the serene rural landscapes that define much of Pennsylvania, we’re ready to meet your windmill needs. Contact Great Plains Windmill Service today and let us bring a touch of historical elegance and practical utility to your Pennsylvania property. We’re honored to serve the communities of the Keystone State.

When it comes to windmill repair, we stand behind our work and provide the excellence and service of quality care you won't find anywhere else.
We provide free estimates for all your windmill needs. We are licensed Aermotor dealers, fully insured and always providing professional service.
We can relocate your windmill FROM anywhere TO anywhere. This is a perfect solution for keeping Grandpa's windmill in the family. We relocate hundres of windmills safely each year with 100% customer satisfaction.
Some benefits of pond Aerators Include reduction of algal blooms and are ideal for cutting down on that invasive pond Algae. Keeps ponds from freezing over during those cold winter months. Oxidizes water to allow healthy O2 levels in ponds. Professional Grade products are used.
Want a customized windmill? We can design and build to suit according to your specifications. We offer, custom painting, lettering, graphics and sizes of all windmills.

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