Repairs & Maintenance

Professional Repair, Maintenance & Restoration Services

When it comes to windmill repair, you won’t find anyone who can provide the excellence of service and quality care that Great Plains Windmill Service can. We provide a variety of windmill repair, maintenance and restoration services across the Midwest. Whatever your need may be we are sure to have the solution, just give us a call today and we’ll give you a free estimate!

Repairs, Maintenance & Restoration

Our services include motor repairs and service work, preventative maintenance, painting and lettering, historic restorations and more. We service windmills primarily used for household water, cattle operations, irrigation systems, wetland preservations, pond aeration and simply ornamental.

Once A Year Maintenance:

  • Under normal conditions, the mill requires a change of oil once a year. You should use SAE 10 or less. The oil should be non-detergent. The gear box should be flushed out at this time.
  • Check to see if nuts and bolts have remained tight on the mill and tower. Do this at the same time you change the oil, or after a major storm.
  • Failure to service mill regularly may result in bearing damage and worn out parts.

Motor repairs & servicing

Preventative maintenance

Painting & lettering

Historic Restorations

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