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Iowa City now has access to the expert windmill services provided by Great Plains Windmill Service. Specializing in Aermotor Windmills, we cater to a wide array of requirements, from residential water systems to agricultural applications. Our team is adept at both installing new windmills and maintaining existing ones. We ensure each windmill we work on in Iowa City operates at peak efficiency, backed by our extensive repair and maintenance capabilities. As authorized dealers of Aermotor Windmills, we guarantee high-quality service and reliability in every project.

Tailored Windmill Relocation and Customization for Iowa City

At Great Plains Windmill Service, we understand that each client in Iowa City has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customized windmill relocation and personalization services. Our relocation services are designed to transport windmills safely and efficiently, whether they are treasured family heirlooms or essential agricultural tools. For those seeking a personal touch, our customization options include custom painting, unique lettering, and distinct graphics, enabling every windmill to reflect the personality and style of its owner.

Enhancing Pond Ecosystems in Iowa City with Aerators

In addition to windmill services, Great Plains Windmill Service is proud to offer professional-grade pond aerators to the Iowa City community. These systems play a vital role in maintaining healthy pond ecosystems, effectively controlling algal growth and preventing water bodies from freezing in colder months. Our pond aerators ensure optimal oxygen levels, promoting a vibrant and healthy aquatic environment, thus enhancing the ecological balance and aesthetic appeal of Iowa City’s natural landscapes.

Why Iowa City Residents Choose Great Plains Windmill Service

Selecting Great Plains Windmill Service for windmill services in Iowa City means choosing a partner renowned for expertise and a commitment to quality. Our evolution from a modest beginning to becoming a leading windmill dealer speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence. As a family-operated business, we are deeply committed to providing integrity, honesty, and superior customer service. Our long history of satisfied customers stands as a testament to our commitment, and we are excited to bring the same level of service and professionalism to the Iowa City community.

Committed to Serving Iowa City

Great Plains Windmill Service is excited to extend its windmill services to the Iowa City area. We bring a combination of traditional values, modern expertise, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction to every project. Whether it’s for windmill installation, repair, relocation, or customization, Great Plains Windmill Service is prepared to deliver with excellence and professionalism. We invite the residents of Iowa City to experience the distinctive quality and service that Great Plains Windmill Service offers, where each project is a reflection of our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to windmill repair, we stand behind our work and provide the excellence and service of quality care you won't find anywhere else.
We provide free estimates for all your windmill needs. We are licensed Aermotor dealers, fully insured and always providing professional service.
We can relocate your windmill FROM anywhere TO anywhere. This is a perfect solution for keeping Grandpa's windmill in the family. We relocate hundres of windmills safely each year with 100% customer satisfaction.
Some benefits of pond Aerators Include reduction of algal blooms and are ideal for cutting down on that invasive pond Algae. Keeps ponds from freezing over during those cold winter months. Oxidizes water to allow healthy O2 levels in ponds. Professional Grade products are used.
Want a customized windmill? We can design and build to suit according to your specifications. We offer, custom painting, lettering, graphics and sizes of all windmills.

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